Mark IJzerman

Another Deep

Another Deep is an A/V live performance in collaboration with Sébastien Robert exploring the impending deep-sea mining in the Svalbard region (NO) and its inherent implications on our environment, geopolitics, and indigenous ecosystems. The project seeks to facilitate a more informed and nuanced discussion of a hidden process that is out of sight but whose full impact is not yet clear, while highlighting the stark contrast and inherent tensions in the region, reflecting on climate change, industrialisation and resource exploitation. Development of Another Deep is currently in progress.

Another Deep started during the Arctic Circle Residency program, where Sébastien Robert and Mark IJzerman collected a range of audio and visual material. Sonically, both artists collected recordings of other- than-human such as cetaceans (belugas, minke whales, sperm whales), as well as melting glaciers (under, on and above water) with the help of dedicated hydrophones and ultrasensitive microphones. Underwater, they gathered visual footage from a surprisingly rich ocean floor down to -100m with a drone combined with a digital microscope. This footage includes other-than-human beings invisible to the human eye, kelp forest ecosystems and intriguing cavities. On land, they used medium-format analogue photographs and 3D LIDAR scans to capture various textures (rock formations, glaciers, whale bones) and abandoned mining sites.