Songline (2016) is a sound art trail, consisting of various installations and performances in a public forest.
Developed with Soundlings during a residency at Klankenbos.

For the OORtreders festival, an event about transdisciplinary art with a focus on sound in Belgium, sound art collective Soundlings created an unique evening walk. The concept of the walk took inspiration from the Aboriginal people’s animist view of nature. The original inhabitants of the Australian continent believed in the ‘Dreamtime’: the period in which the ancestral spirits created everything, including the Aboriginal way of life. ‘Songlines’ are the paths these ancestral spirits took during the Dreamtime, and they can be navigated by repeating the words of a song. In other words, the song is closely connected to the physical experience of travel.

The walk through Klankenbos confronted the participants with various natural phenomena in the form of installations and concerts.

These included a drone pillar using natural light patterns, several performances, a sounding breadcrumb trail to find the way back through the darkness, and an artwork that lets you experience the breathing cycle between trees and humans. Recording by Ricardo Huisman.