Presque Vu (2016) is an A/V-performance in which the visuals react to it's sonic counterpart.
Supported by FIBER, developed during a residency at STEIM

A piece in which the visuals react to its sonic counterpart. With music created using field recordings and resonances recorded while traveling and stored on cassette tapes, visuals will be influenced, slowly uncovering itself like old 16mm film burning in reverse.

Video of premiere at Spektrum in Berlin, January 2016.

Live-set consisting of a performance with modular synth, 2 4-track tape-recorders, a bunch of endless cassettes, home made spring reverbs, a modded Space Echo and reactive visuals.

Realized during a residency at STEIM in collaboration with FIBER in January 2016.


– Spektrum, Berlin (January 2016, premiere)
– LIMA, Amsterdam (March 2016)
– FIBER Festival, Amsterdam (May 2017)
– Mapping Festival, Geneva (May 2017)