Oantinken (2013) is an installation & app capturing the collective memory of people at a festival.
With z25. For Tryater.

Non-linear sound and music for festival installation in collaboration with z25.

The project ‘Oantinken” (Frisian for memento/remembrance) consists of a combination of a smartphone application and a physical installation designed to run on festivals with a cultural base. It’s a collaboration between the theatre company Tryater and the z25 Foundation.

A festival is defined by its temporality. As a visitor, you can immerse in this mini-cosmos that potentially redefines the world around you. After the festival, back in the real world, memories of this temporary space form a manipulated re-construction. The smartphone app ‘Oantinken’ asks the visitors to record the festival by following photo assignments during the event. Hereby it tries to capture the memories of as many visitors as possible to create a new manipulated image of the festival which will be exhibited in the video-installation ‘Oantinken’ in real-time.

Based on concepts by Niels Dielen, Jelle van Doorne, Anca Siegersma, Mick Vonk. Project lead: Rodrik Biersteker. Software development: Roderick Gadellaa, Aldo Hoeben, Arnaud Loonstra. Design: Wijnand Veneberg. Sound design: Mark IJzerman. Support: Ferdy Guliker, Machiel Veltkamp.