Emporium of Sensorial Submersion (2015) consists of 7 installations exploring taste and sound, presented during the Edinburgh Fringe.
With Steelyfox, Fedde ten Berge, Jesse Meijer, Bo Keijzer, Gerjan Piksen, Chi Ha Ucciso Il Conte? and Tim van Kessel.

For Hendrick’s Gin I created several “ginspired” installations, part of an immersive theatrical experience on during the Edinburgh Fringe. Working as a collaborating artist with brand communications agency Steely Fox, I created Rose & Cucumber-listening posts, musical cocktail shakers, a white “Quietude room”, an experiment to do with the influence of sound and color on taste in the “Audio-torium”, an interactive cocktail table and a blindfolded audio-experience where you experience the ages of gin.
To realize this I worked together mainly with brilliant sound artist Fedde ten Berge (hardware and sensors), but also with Jesse Meijer (woodwork & metallurgy), Bo Keijzer (woodwork), Gerjan Piksen (concept), Chi Ha Ucciso Il Conte? (product design), and Tim van Kessel (gastronomy enthusiast).