CRDL (2016 - now) is an interactive object to communicate with Alzheimer's patients through physical contact and sound.
with Jack Chen & Dennis Schuivens (CRDL/Mergent)

CRDL provides an accessible invitation for Alzheimer’s patients, loved ones and caregivers to make mutual physical contact. Developed from the belief that human touch can have a positive effect on personal well-being, CRDL encourages people to establish this contact.

CRDL is an interactive object that translates bare-skin touch into sound, using the sense of touch as an agent for engagement. The object acts as an icebreaker – circumventing the cultural and social barriers embedded with touch and intimacy – by creating a playful and spontaneous environment in which users are open to engage each other and explore the depths of human contact.

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“Weer kunnen communiceren met je demente familielid”, NRC Handelsblad, 23 maart 2018

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