Coalescence (2013) is a musical collaboration between Soundlings, Insomnio & Rosa ensemble
With Soundlings, Insomnio & Rosa Ensemble.

The piece “Muteality” composed with Robin Koek, as a part of the collaboration between Soundlings, Insomnio & Rosa Ensemble commissioned by Gaudeamus Muziekweek. Performed at Le Mini Who 2013.
I played reel-to-reel tape-loops on this piece as well.

Coalescence – a space and time where three generations of sound touch, pull and fuse… Imagine a dark space with islands of light and sound. Small separate traces of sounds fly around hastily. At times they illuminate the darkness, leaving bursts and flares of near blinding light. Miscible as these elusive substances are, they sometimes touch each other unavoidably. With only the slightest contact, the streams are pulled together with an incredible force. Coalescence. Moving ahead along the same path for a while – tied together – then suddenly, all is blown to smithereens again.