Brainpulse (2011) is an interactive building-wide light installation, controlled by flashing a camera.
With students from the University of Technology Eindhoven

Interactive sound design for light installation at GLOW Festival 2011, collaborating with students from the Interaction Design department of the University of Technology Eindhoven.

A team of Industrial Design students of Eindhoven University of Technology takes the visitors of Glow on a journey into the brain of a researcher. In this context, the façade of the main building provides room for interactive play between the Glow visitor and the building, representing the synapses of the human brain.
The lighting design expresses the activities that take place behind the façade, using an array of lights that reside in the rooms, making optimal use of the spatial characteristics of the building.
Visitors contribute by making use of flashing equipment, such as those found in standard devices like digital cameras, to inspire the brain and experience innovation.