• is an A/V-performance exploring the concept of pareidolia.
  • Timeshift (2017)
    explores the acoustic ecology of South Korea and the audio-visual relationship, documented in an 'audio-photobook'.
  • archives Earth’s onomatopoeia for future generations who might grow up on other planets.
  • CRDL (2016 - now)
    is an interactive object to communicate with Alzheimer's patients through physical contact and sound.
  • is an installation that urges you to share sounds of the home.
  • IN.somnial (2017)
    explores the physiological and perceptual effects of light, sound and smell.
  • is a series of labs where people experience how sound influences the sensory links.
  • Presque Vu (2016)
    is an A/V-performance in which the visuals of an early Communist China react to contemporary field recordings.
  • Domus Viscous (2018)
    pop-up installation visualizing shifting ideas of the home through feedbacking intertwined images and sound.
  • Songline (2016)
    is a sound art trail, consisting of various installations and performances in a public forest.
  • consists of 7 installations exploring taste and sound, presented during the Edinburgh Fringe.
  • is a series of performances in which I play tape recorders, with others or alone.
  • Tingle (2015)
    is a tactile & gestural music controller.
  • Brainpulse (2011)
    is an interactive building-wide light installation, controlled by flashing a camera.
  • Soundroots (2014)
    is a sound art trail with several installations on the secret sounds of plants.
  • Oantinken (2013)
    is an installation & app capturing the collective memory of people at a festival.
  • is a theatre-adaptation of the book 'Blindness' by José Saramago.
  • Coalescence (2013)
    is a musical collaboration between Soundlings, Insomnio & Rosa ensemble
  • is a cross-disciplinary mini-event about the symbolism of the oyster.
  • Luisterminuut (2012)
    is an educational initiative letting kids listen to one minute of unique sound a day.
  • Shift (2012)
    is an interactive installation for Glow Festival 2012.