Tordinaire @ VJ op de Dom 2012 (Projection Mapped Animations)

Music and sound design for ten different animations which were projection mapped on the Dom Tower of Utrecht. Composed together with Tijs Ham.

Project by z25 in collaboration with Born Digital and Vrede van Utrecht.

Kwijt (Music for short film)

Short (dutch) film by Robin Alysha Clemens about Tom, who’s lost something which he’s got to find back, no matter what!

Music by me.

Sudden Emerging Voices (for Soundpiece Rotterdam)

Sudden Emerging Voices (sample) by soundlings collective by FetaPapa

Soundpiece is an installation that serves as an open audio stage. It’s consisting of 32 small 100-watt speakers set in a grid under the wooden surface of the Rotterdam square Schouwburgplein.
For this permanent installation, Tijs Ham, FetaPapa and me, all members of Soundlings, created a work to break through the every day routine.

“Washes of breath like soundscapes are interrupted by short musical passages consisting of manipulated accordions, angelic voices and whispering flutes. Visitors are able to enter the piece at any point, perhaps listen for some time before heading of to continue their daily routine.”

UFOK (music for short film)

Short film by Robin Alysha Clemens on the daily life of Adrian, who believes he’s seen aliens.

Some subtle music and sound design by me.

ONGEZIEN (Music & Sound design for short film)

Music & sound design for this (debut) short by Robin Alysha Clemens.

Tapage & Espoir – Laughing Boy, Laughing Aluminium (Tape & mastering)

Laughing Boy, Laughing Aluminum is an EP by Tijs Ham and Roald van Dillewijn under the names Tapage and Espoir. It was released in June 2012 on Tapeface. The recordings of this EP took place on two days back in 2010.
I did tape manipulation, editing and mastering on this record in june 2012.

Tijs Ham: guitar, glockenspiel, metal, Supercollider
Roald van Dillewijn: electric guitar, effects, Max/MSP
Mark IJzerman: tape manipulation, editing, mastering

Instrument workshops “Electropiepen Club” (assisting at STEIM)


Assisted Kristina Andersen for a series of Electropiepen Club workshops at STEIM.

The Electro Piepen Club (Electro Squeak Club) is an alternative music school held on sundays at STEIM. It consists of series of one-hour sessions, each focussed on a different notion of sound and technology. Each of these ideas are explored by building and playing instruments. The individual sessions are centered on DIY electronics, understanding sound manipulation, playing together, and music production. The sessions are cross-overs between musical knowledge (what is pink noise?) to more technical knowledge (how does a microphone work?) and making stuff yourself (noise makers or simple oscillator synths). The main underlying lesson is that we can build our own technology and begin to think of musical sound in broader terms. The Electro Squeak Club is conducted in an open friendly club environments. The kids who participate gain an understanding of electronics and electronic music and the experience forms a counterpoint to most traditional education in both technology and music.

BrainPulse at GLOW Festival ’11 (Installation)

Interactive sound design for light installation at GLOW Festival 2011, collaborating with students from the Interaction Design department of the University of Technology Eindhoven.

A team of Industrial Design students of Eindhoven University of Technology takes the visitors of Glow on a journey into the brain of a researcher. In this context, the façade of the main building provides room for interactive play between the Glow visitor and the building, representing the synapses of the human brain. The lighting design expresses the activities that take place behind the façade, using an array of lights that reside in the rooms, making optimal use of the spatial characteristics of the building. Visitors contribute by making use of flashing equipment, such as those found in standard devices like digital cameras, to inspire the brain and experience innovation.

See videos of the process here and here.
Video footage by Nupky, ICMS and J. Gerstel.

Rocket Cinema – “Robbery” (1967) (Live new soundtrack for classic movie)

Performed a new live electronic soundtrack for the old 1967 classic “Robbery”, together with d’Arles from Buchner & d’Arles, at the Rocket Cinema Festival 2011. Performed in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Groningen.
Reviews here and here.

Sound Design workshops for Hollywood in de Klas 2012

For the Hollywood in the Klas project (kids making their own movies in primary schools), Wim Schönermarck and me set out and led a series of sound & music workshops for the participating groups who had made their own movies during an earlier stage of the Hollywood in de Klas project.
Everything from making music to sound effects was covered. The project not only contributed to the movies they had made, but also to their understanding of the power of sound in an audiovisual production, as well as recording, playing an instrument, and sound manipulation. We did the project at around 30 schools, mainly in the Rotterdam area.