Luisterminuut (education project)

“Luisterminuut” is an initiative that wants to give all kids in primary schools in the Netherlands access to a great diversity of music and sound. During this project, kids ages 4-12 listen actively for one minute a day. The sounds differ greatly from day to day; from frogs at daybreak to Chopin to electronic sounds from the 50’s.
Through this activity, a discussion is started and the fantasies of the students stimulated. It has been proven that active listening has a positive effect on the attention span and social skills.

“Luisterminuut” is inspired by the UK project “Minute of Listening”.

“Luisterminuut” is a project initiated by Soundlings, in collaboration with HKU and MCO Educatie.

See for more info!

Oantinken (non-linear sound & music for festival installation)


Non-linear sound and music for festival installation in collaboration with z25.

The project ‘Oantinken” (Frisian for memento/remembrance) consists of a combination of a smartphone application and a physical installation designed to run on festivals with a cultural base. It’s a collaboration between the theatre company Tryater and the z25 Foundation.

A festival is defined by its temporality. As a visitor, you can immerse in this mini-cosmos that potentially redefines the world around you. After the festival, back in the real world, memories of this temporary space form a manipulated re-construction. The smartphone app ‘Oantinken’ asks the visitors to record the festival by following photo assignments during the event. Hereby it tries to capture the memories of as many visitors as possible to create a new manipulated image of the festival which will be exhibited in the video-installation ‘Oantinken’ in real-time.

Based on concepts by Niels Dielen, Jelle van Doorne, Anca Siegersma, Mick Vonk. Project lead: Rodrik Biersteker. Software development: Roderick Gadellaa, Aldo Hoeben, Arnaud Loonstra. Design: Wijnand Veneberg. Sound design: Mark IJzerman. Support: Ferdy Guliker, Machiel Veltkamp.

Tape-loop improvisation @ Cultfest’13

For the Cultfest event I did a 45 minute cassette tape-loop improvisation set to slowed down visuals.
Something I’ll be doing more often. Excerpts below:

Nova Loko (Music for Car Parks – 2nd prize in competition)

2nd prize!

With the help of Roald van Dillewijn I composed and produced music for the Music For Car Parks competition. We landed second prize. This is a mono excerpt.
Nova Loko (30 minutes) is a piece about going to new places, and the expectations that go along with that.
The full piece will be remixed, reproduced and released later this year.

Subtlemob “Verbroken Verbinding” (immersive sound design)

“A subtlemob is an invisible flashmob, it’s like walking through a film, experienced on headphones, played out by you and hundreds of strangers. Armed with only an mp3 player this subtlemob takes you on a cinematic experience of twists and turns…” – Duncan Speakman

Subtlemob excerpt

Duncan Speakman came up with the term “subtlemob” and has been exploring these kinds of storytelling since then.
SETUP (Utrecht Medialab) set out to do it’s own subtlemob. Together with Dongwei Su, Babette Heeren (script), and Joep Vermolen (sound), we made an immersive experience which is to be experienced with a group of people at Utrecht’s Central Station. As time and resources were tight we used a lot of open source sound and music material to craft this experience.

“Verbroken Verbinding” was executed at:
Open Innovation Festival 2012 (including make-your-own-subtlemob workshop, see report)
– Tryout on May 25th 2012.

SHIFT at Glow Festival ’12 (INSTALLATION)

Non-linear sound design/music for interactive installation at GLOW Festival 2012, collaborating with students from the Interaction Design department of the University of Technology Eindhoven.

Our world is in a constant state of transformation. Most of the time, our view of the world will change parallel to this transformation. The changes in the world are often propelled us as an individual, group, generation or country. Are we aware of the influence we have on our environment? The installation allows you to experience and admire this influence by joining forces with others.
Your acts have meaning!
Students of the Intelligent Lighting Institute of Eindhoven University of Technology want to make visitors of GLOW 2012 think about the amount of control we have on the changing façade of the world. The visitors will be able to experience individual and collective influence on the world around them by collectively replacing weight.

Augcordion (instrument)

Instrument made during the Standford’s Sattelite CCRMA workshop at STEIM.
Toy accordion from the 50’s, “augmented” with a piezo microphone, Arduino Nano (w/ accelerometer and distance sensor) and a Beagleboard running a PureData patch.

Performed with at:
– Solar Festival 2012 with the Impro Collective
– Discovery Festival 2012 with Soundlings
recording of the networked jam-session _waveFronts below:

Tordinaire @ VJ op de Dom 2012 (Projection Mapped Animations)

Music and sound design for ten different animations which were projection mapped on the Dom Tower of Utrecht. Composed together with Tijs Ham.

Project by z25 in collaboration with Born Digital and Vrede van Utrecht.

Kwijt (Music for short film)

Short (dutch) film by Robin Alysha Clemens about Tom, who’s lost something which he’s got to find back, no matter what!

Music by me.

Sudden Emerging Voices (for Soundpiece Rotterdam)

Sudden Emerging Voices (sample) by soundlings collective by FetaPapa

Soundpiece is an installation that serves as an open audio stage. It’s consisting of 32 small 100-watt speakers set in a grid under the wooden surface of the Rotterdam square Schouwburgplein.
For this permanent installation, Tijs Ham, FetaPapa and me, all members of Soundlings, created a work to break through the every day routine.

“Washes of breath like soundscapes are interrupted by short musical passages consisting of manipulated accordions, angelic voices and whispering flutes. Visitors are able to enter the piece at any point, perhaps listen for some time before heading of to continue their daily routine.”