MARK IJZERMAN is active as a sound artist, music composer/performer and educator with a great interest in interactive and procedural sound. Besides being an artist he believes in the importance of educating (young) people to make their own media. He has worked as a researcher and educator in the Netherlands, England, and Zambia, teaching electronic music to people of all ages. For the last few years he has been dividing his time between creating music or sound for various media, performing, making interactive sound for installations, organising events for sound art collective Soundlings, writing for sound art blog Everyday Listening, as well as teaching at some of the leading media art faculties in the Netherlands. His works carry a strong organic quality that is audible in all of his creations.

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Echokamer (live performance)

Invited by Gonzo Circus and Mediamatic, I played a tape-themed Echokamer night together with Myrthe van de Weetering on violin and Mark Nieuwenhuis on trumpet.

Echokamer is a series of events during which composers, musicians and other sound-makers experiment with sound at, and with the sound of, Mediamatic Fabriek. The giant industrial hall reverberates and erodes, and produces quite a bit of sound all by itself.

Refreshment (Sound art/design)

“Refreshment” is a project made for Alpha60 Projects.
Alpha60 Projects is an online art exhibition platform, bringing together artists to produce work. For this project I collaborated with Johan Rijpma and Umeu Bartelds.

“Refreshment” is a study of the artificial and the natural, more specifically, a study into how natural processes of decay are effected by human intervention. Everywhere nature and humans interact. We are part of nature and formed by it, but with our actions we influence it as well. This not only affects the natural processes but it also changes us.
These changes can lead to new directions, new perceptions, new values, new ideas or a new start. In other words, refreshment. This idea has inspired each of us to create something different; separated by our own distinct artistic disciplines, united by a shared curiosity about the effects of human intervention in natural processes of decay.

See the full work, with a body of text by Umeu Bartelds until 10th of March online here at Alpha60 Projects

Oorsprong Curator Sessions (Improvisation)

For the Oorsprong Curator Sessions I curated a performance where I played together with Mark Nieuwenhuis and Cees Bruinsma, both on trumpet and electronics.

The above video and sound were recorded, shot and edited by Mark Nieuwenhuis.

Tape-loop improvisation with cello

1524822_669822419707610_1596473261_n Tape-loop performance with Dianne Verdonk on cello. Performed at the Soundlings Workspace opening december 15th, 2013.
Listen to some excerpts here:

Coalescence (composition & performance)

999640_668673119822540_92316420_n1511330_668673343155851_2079937578_n The piece “Muteality” composed with Robin Koek, as a part of the collaboration between Soundlings, Insomnio & Rosa Ensemble commissioned by Gaudeamus Muziekweek. Performed at Le Mini Who 2013.

I played reel-to-reel tape-loops on this piece as well.

Coalescence – a space and time where three generations of sound touch, pull and fuse…

Imagine a dark space with islands of light and sound. Small separate traces of sounds fly around hastily. At times they illuminate the darkness, leaving bursts and flares of near blinding light. Miscible as these elusive substances are, they sometimes touch each other unavoidably. With only the slightest contact, the streams are pulled together with an incredible force. Coalescence. Moving ahead along the same path for a while – tied together – then suddenly, all is blown to smithereens again.

Pearls in Progress (light-, sound- and tapeinstallation for cross-disciplinary mini-event)

Interactive sound & light installation + cassette tape installation.

For the indeBOVENkamer cross-disciplinary mini-event I worked together with Rene Mastenbroek (cook) and Marijke Bongers (eco-textile artist) to create an immersive experience with the symbolism of the oyster and it’s defense mechanism as a conceptual starting point.

Workshop “Active Listening” (Studium Generale, TU/e)


For the Studium Generale programme of the Technical University of Eindhoven I did a workshop on active listening. Starting from Edgar Varèse’s famous phrase “music is organised sound”, I introduced workshop participants into the realms of recognising sound objects in music and other recordings. From here on we discussed how to visualise these, and what they meant in different contexts.

Luisterminuut (education project)

“Luisterminuut” is an initiative that wants to give all kids in primary schools in the Netherlands access to a great diversity of music and sound. During this project, kids ages 4-12 listen actively for one minute a day. The sounds differ greatly from day to day; from frogs at daybreak to Chopin to electronic sounds from the 50′s.
Through this activity, a discussion is started and the fantasies of the students stimulated. It has been proven that active listening has a positive effect on the attention span and social skills.

“Luisterminuut” is inspired by the UK project “Minute of Listening”.

“Luisterminuut” is a project initiated by Soundlings, in collaboration with HKU and MCO Educatie.

See www.luisterminuut.nl for more info!

Oantinken (non-linear sound & music for festival installation)


Non-linear sound and music for festival installation in collaboration with z25.

The project ‘Oantinken” (Frisian for memento/remembrance) consists of a combination of a smartphone application and a physical installation designed to run on festivals with a cultural base. It’s a collaboration between the theatre company Tryater and the z25 Foundation.

A festival is defined by its temporality. As a visitor, you can immerse in this mini-cosmos that potentially redefines the world around you. After the festival, back in the real world, memories of this temporary space form a manipulated re-construction. The smartphone app ‘Oantinken’ asks the visitors to record the festival by following photo assignments during the event. Hereby it tries to capture the memories of as many visitors as possible to create a new manipulated image of the festival which will be exhibited in the video-installation ‘Oantinken’ in real-time.

Based on concepts by Niels Dielen, Jelle van Doorne, Anca Siegersma, Mick Vonk. Project lead: Rodrik Biersteker. Software development: Roderick Gadellaa, Aldo Hoeben, Arnaud Loonstra. Design: Wijnand Veneberg. Sound design: Mark IJzerman. Support: Ferdy Guliker, Machiel Veltkamp.

Tape-loop improvisation @ Cultfest’13

For the Cultfest event I did a 45 minute cassette tape-loop improvisation set to slowed down visuals.
Something I’ll be doing more often. Excerpts below: