MARK IJZERMAN is active as a sound artist, music composer/performer and educator with a great interest in interactive and procedural sound. Besides being an artist he believes in the importance of educating (young) people to make their own media. He has worked as a researcher and educator in the Netherlands, England, and Zambia, teaching electronic music to people of all ages. For the last few years he has been dividing his time between creating music or sound for various media, performing, making interactive sound for installations, organising events for sound art collective Soundlings, writing for sound art blog Everyday Listening, as well as teaching at some of the leading media art faculties in the Netherlands. His works carry a strong organic quality that is audible in all of his creations.

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Nova Loko

Nova Loko is a piece by Mark IJzerman & Roald van Dillewijn, with Dianne Verdonk on cello.
It celebrates new places and the romanticism of old ones. 30 minutes of music which have been collecting dust for a year and a half. A gift for the holiday season, something to listen to while traveling to relatives. May you visit lots of new places in the new year!

Tingle (instrument)

Tingle is an instrument by Nupky.
I work on the software side, figuring out how to use Tingle for new musical expression.

Soundroots (sound installation tour)

For the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2014, Soundlings created a sound art trail with a narrative on the secret sounds of plants. It took the audience on a poetic journey through the botanical gardens of Utrecht, while telling a story and inviting people to listen.
Consisting of a short talk, a trail of almost thirty sound installations and a spatial composition in the old Botanical Gardens of Utrecht, the collective plays with what’s real and what’s not. By doing this, they’re balancing between actual theory of biology and technology, and poetics and mythology, making for a trail that leaves the visitor wondering.

Sound in Context (workshop)


Workshop “Sound In Context: The History And Meaning Of Audio In (Interactive) Contemporary Art” for the Makers Workshop series of z25.

In a creative process, the role of sound is in many ways just as important as the visual part. It does not only transfer a lot of information, but especially sound can add an extra dimension to the experience of the participant/interactor. Audio contains various import elements, but to be able to use it in our projects, we need to know a bit more about how we perceive sound.
During this workshop Mark IJzerman will shed light on how we experience, think, and can work with sound, and how you as a maker can develop a vocabulary to discuss timbre and aesthetics in an interdisciplinary collaboration.

DRUIS (composition)

Composition made for De Stem van West (www.destemvanwest.nl). De Stem van West is a web-radio station about the urban life, social-cultural shifts and daily life in Utrecht West.

This composition is about the many contrasts that can be found in the Kanaleneiland neighbourhood in Utrecht West. To sonify these contrasts, I used the metaphor of inner vs outer. Recording the unheard resonances of the neighbourhood as well as the busy daily life, and juxtaposing these, I wanted to let the listener feel the way that life in Kanaleneiland can be.
Keeping the source material intact was very important to me. I used a whistled motif of a marketman and a sung phrase of a child and transformed them into something musical to build on.

The picture is by Liset van der Laan.

OASIS (Sound installation)

photo For Culturele Zondag, I was asked to design little sonic interventions which gave an idea of what the future of the city of Utrecht might sound like, whilst also providing an easing soundscape. I drew inspiration from bird sounds and the specific locations the speakers were placed. Speakers were designed in collaboration with product designer Jasper van den Boezem. They were placed in different spots; from traveling gardens to a scissor lift rising up from the city, providing an audible narrative through the Culturele Zondag festival.

Earth MK2 – Ocean Tears (Production & Tape FX)

For Earth Mk. II’s EP I did a lot of tape-effects and delays to get the lo-fi pop-psych production that this needed.

Ode to the Quiet (Electronica)


For Ode to the Quiet’s Debut LP I worked on the electronica for two tracks (track 2 “Ghosts”, and track 11 “Flight”), and also played a live show together with Machinefabriek, who also worked on this LP.

Tape-loop improvisation with cello

Tape-loop performance with Dianne Verdonk on cello. Performed at:
- Soundlings Workspace opening december 15 2013
- Sounds Like Soup january 9 2014
- de Kargadoor Utrecht march 14 2014
- Portieksessies may 7 2014
- Elevator Sessions june 6 2014.

Echokamer (live performance)

Invited by Gonzo Circus and Mediamatic, I played a tape-themed Echokamer night together with Myrthe van de Weetering on violin and Mark Nieuwenhuis on trumpet.

Echokamer is a series of events during which composers, musicians and other sound-makers experiment with sound at, and with the sound of, Mediamatic Fabriek. The giant industrial hall reverberates and erodes, and produces quite a bit of sound all by itself.